The Authentic Flavors of India
The Authentic Flavors of India
India is a land of many treasures – an essential element being the deep understanding of Food and Culture. India's diverse cuisine is a prominent part of making it a great place to visit. While Indians are not hesitant to try new cuisines and dishes, their long-standing traditions and recipes make Indian cuisine special. 
From the delights of Dosas from Karnataka to Idli Sambar from Tamil Nadu, Nukkad Indian Kitchen has something for every kind of foodie! 
If you're planning to eat Indian food, here are a few of the tastiest and most popular traditional Indian food that Nukkad serves:
1. Dosas
Dosas are not just Southern India's traditional breakfast but also the country's most beloved comfort meal. They're made by smearing a batter of fermented Rice and lentils on a pan. Masala Dosas feature an Aloo Sabzi stuffing. You can now try a variety of more than fifteen Dosas at Nukkad Indian Kitchen, including Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Mysore Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Noodles Dosa, and many more.
2. Idli Sambar
In India, soft and fluffy Idlis are another choice. Idlis are also made with fermented Rice and lentil batter. The batter is poured into a circular mould and cooked in a steamer. Idlis are accompanied by Sambar and Chutney, all hot and sour. Idlis are light and fluffy, making them easy to eat.
3. Biryani
Biryani is a dish that is familiar to anyone familiar with Indian cuisine. The aromatic and festive rice dish is a one-of-a-kind supper. The meal is made by blending whole aromatic spices with slow-cooked meat and/or Veggies.
In the Indian subcontinent, there are various different types of Biryanis, with each region bringing its own twist and distinct flavors to the dish. Although Biryani was initially intended to be a non-vegetarian dish, it has gradually evolved to meet vegetarians' needs. Veg Biryani recipes use vegetarian proteins and various Veggies, which are essentially meatless versions of the popular rice dish.
Nukkad Indian Kitchen serves a variety of Biryani, including Vegetable Biryani, Chicken Biryani, and Lamb Biryani.
4. Pulao
Pulao is a one-pot rice meal made of fragrant Basmati Rice, aromatic spices, herbs, and vegetable stock. The Veg Pulao recipe is a typical side dish in many Indian households. It is served with Yogurt Raita during parties, buffets, and festivities. 
There are a few different ways to prepare Vegetable Pulao. It is prepared differently in each locale. It has a great flavor and is highly fragrant. Nukkad Indian Kitchen serves Vegetable Tawa Pulao and Paneer Tawa Pulao.
If you are in India, it is great to taste the real flavors, but in Barrie, Nukkad Indian Kitchen is here to serve your cravings. So what are you waiting for? Hit the restaurant website now and try out these amazing dishes right now. Please share your experiences in the comment section!
Bonne Appetite!
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How does Soulful Indian Cooking Win the World?
How does Soulful Indian Cooking Win the World?

Indian culture believes that the Almighty resides in food. The belief that 'God is life and life is food' makes Indian food palatably delicious, serene, and soulful. Even today, in Indian homes, the food is presented to Gods & Goddesses before serving oneself.

Undoubtedly, Indian cooking has become an ultimate accolade in food preparation; hence, it won't be an exaggeration to say that the food is the epitome of the best fusion of spirituality and palatability. Revel in the savory taste at the Nukkad Indian Kitchen, where they heartily serve traditionally prepared authentic Indian food in Barrie, Canada.

It is not unknown that Indian cooking involves a perfect blend of spices, suitable heating, and, most importantly, love. The researchers at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India) reveal that Indian ingredients share compound flavors that taste delicious to any taste bud. The strategic use of unique spices makes Indian cooking a class apart from the rest of the world's cuisines. Here are the souls of Indian cooking –

A perfect blend of serene spices

Cautiously used cardamom, tamarind, cayenne, turmeric, coriander, and cumin seeds, along with various aromatic ingredients, vow tastebuds like no other. However, the perfect blend of overlapping flavors sets Indian cooking par excellence. An average Indian dish has at least seven ingredients, and most of them don’t overlap the flavors. Garam masala (a combination of several spices), cayenne, etc., are combined with stuff with no chemical overlapping. Still, every ingredient houses an exclusive component when added to the final preparation. Some of the dishes of Indian cooking include nearly two hundred of the estimated three hundred and eighty ingredients known so far!

The square meal

The Indian food theory involves Indian cooking that focuses on providing six different flavors in its dishes - sweet, sour, astringent, bitter, spicy, and salty. Indian cuisine is also exciting as it offers tongue-tingling tangs and exotic presentations. Indian cooking combines all techniques from various cuisines and adds its wonderful spices to please even the most demanding foodies.

Indian cooking involves using Ayurveda spices, India's own traditional science. These spices add irresistible taste and also provide medicinal values. The master chef is always erudite and well-informed about balancing taste and health. The square meal offered at Nukkad Indian Kitchen takes care of all micro and macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The Indian dishes served at the authentic Indian restaurant in Barrie, Canada, use fresh vegetables, grains, and fruits to leave its patrons an ever-lasting experience.

The earth and beyond!

Indian curry cooked by royal servant Abdul Karim caught Queen Victoria's tastebuds in 1887, so terrifically that she ordered such culinary delights to be cooked in royal kitchens every day. Furthermore, in his book 'A Promised Land,' Mr. Barack Obama - Former President of the United States of America, said that as a child raised in Indonesia, he had heard about Hindu epics that always enticed him toward Indian culture. He also learned to cook Dal and Keema with college friends from India.

From Michael Jackson to Kamala Harris and Chinese President Xi Jinping to Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, Indian food lovers are in every corner of the world. In that case, you are still missing its extraterrestrial popularity! Yes, it’s true! Anil Menon, a lieutenant colonel with the US Air Force and SpaceX’s first flight surgeon, reveals that most astronauts prefer Indian food because of its unique cooking style with a perfect blend of spices making the food an ideal medical treat for their nose congestions!

Nukkad -your one-stop destination for Indian dishes mentions authentic Indian dishes on its menu. They are meticulous about every combination and quantity of Indian spices while preparing food, which is why gastronomes think of Nukkad as the quintessential Indian cooking. 

The restaurant aims at providing every Canadian with its mesmerizingly garnished Indian dishes. Once the dishes are tasted, the epicures will surely blame Nukkad Indian Kitchen for making them addicted to exotic Indian food. And, Nukkad will be proud of that!

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A New Blend of Indian Flavors in Barrie
A New Blend of Indian Flavors in Barrie
For a quite long time, Indian food in Canada was typically considered as the province of everyday neighborhood restaurants ideal for those whose gut has guts to digest fiery spiced Indian dishes, especially curries. Well, not anymore! 
All thanks to Nukkad’s new generation of super chefs who redefined the nuances of Indian flavor finesse to offer an irresistible blend of specific quantity spices added to grains, lentils, vegetables, and non-vegetarian edibles. It is all for changing the tag of Indian dishes from spicy to tasty. 
Barrie – the place of foodies 
Barrie has an epicure’s palate. The place has emerged as one of the most multi-hued and multi-cultured fabrics - from local dishes to continental; one can find classic restaurants offering a gamut of different mouthwatering dishes. With Nukkad, the authentic Indian restaurant, getting the best blend of Indian flavors is not a daunting task anymore. The restaurant delights the voracious appetite of foodies from Barrie and around. 
Nukkad – the name of trust and tales 
The top-class chefs at Nukkad have leveraged the golden culinary prospects in Barrie to claim the genuineness of Indian culture through serving the finest Indian dishes. Contrary to popular belief, Indian cooking includes all savory preparations with a special recipe for a unique taste, and not all dishes are unbearably spicy! Hence, Nukkad tells the Indian folk tales through its finely prepared vegetarian and non-vegetarian soul-satisfying Indian dishes. 
Irresistible flavors for a ‘famished’ you
From buttery Butter Chicken to tangy Chaat, delicious Dosas to wowful Wraps, and ultimately habit-forming Indian curries, Nukkad introduces you to the best Indian food that you'd eat to satisfaction! The restaurant beats its peers in offering a wide variety of Indian cuisine -snacks, sides, combos, and main course meals - that can be further customized according to the guest’s preferences. 
Based on Indian folklores, the Indian dishes are prepared with love and care; hence, they are more soul-filling and not just stomach-filling. A new blend of Indian flavors served in Nukkad is delicious and prepared live, assuring you the freshest ingredients and cooking. Finely chopped and bunged in assorted curry masala, the veggies and chicken undergo perfect margination, sauté, fry, roast, or baking according to the guest’s order. The smoky kiss you get from certain Indian dishes would tease your tastebuds as it reflects super-chef's talent at Nukkad.  
The ingredients used at Nukkad are handpicked to ensure the best food; from vegetables to non-vegetarian to spices and condiments, our chefs carefully select the top-notch quality items. The temperature maintained in Indian cooking is carefully monitored so that the food being prepared receives the exact amount of heat. The type & quantity of spices added or sprinkled before the services are measured as per the quality manual. 
Bustling with the goodness of savory vegetables and spices, a new blend of Indian flavors at Nukkad surpasses most expectations. It won't be an exaggeration to say that many blame us for making their taste buds sing only for our takeaway Indian dishes delisting other Indian restaurants in Barrie. 
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Jumbo Tiffin Service in Barrie
Jumbo Tiffin Service in Barrie

Barrie is home to multi-cultured people from all walks of life, and Nukkad Indian Kitchen is here to cater to the momentous needs of authentic 360-degrees Indian Tiffin services, chiefly Punjabi, Gujarati, and South Indian. Strictly stuck to the roots of Tiffin or Dabba services, our eminent chefs’ conscientiousness is second to none in providing the flair of real Indian dishes that are not only affordable but also sumptuous to boast.

While students, working professionals, and other immigrants find an excellent place to live, food has been a great concern to Indians. Though many know the art of Indian cooking, it is difficult to allocate enough time. The typical ingredients used in Indian cuisine are unlikely to get if you aren’t familiar with the place. There is another concern to the quality of food and taste when you are likely to go for monthly or weekly Tiffin service in Barrie.

Nukkad Indian Kitchen is a home away from home, offering reasonably priced Jumbo Indian Tiffin Service weekly or monthly. While other restaurants use only spices to endow dishes with subtle flavors, we carry many clouts by adding our love and care to each recipe. Thus, we decree that when Nukkad`s food is served, we promise our guests will call it home-cooked food rather than an ordered one!

Delectable homemade Indian food tiffin services

Nukkad is not a restaurant, and it does not serve food but love from the mother's kitchen. The flavorsome food served by Nukkad is soul-filling, and the best part of its Indian cuisine tiffin services is you get varieties of food from snacks to authentic Indian meal combos (thalis).

Nukkad offers ambrosial dishes with naturally flavored spices at affordable subscriptions of weekly or monthly Indian tiffin services with veg and non-veg tiffin services options, and that too with free delivery.

Gujarati tiffin: A toothsome Gujarati Tiffin includes a great combo of snacks and square meals. Including authentic Rotis and Subzis from the flavor of Gujarat, this pack is ideal for those who are epicure.

Punjabi tiffin: Palatable Punjabi food includes a prosperous way of preparing every dish. Every morsel of Nukkad's Punjabi Tiffin offers a succulent taste and assures you of day-long energy and power.

South Indian tiffin: Mild in nature and tangy in taste, Nukkad’s South Indian thali ensures you the richness of vegetables with ultimate nutrients and fiber. The tiffin fits those who want to go light on their stomach and mood!

Nukkad Indian Kitchen and is at your service with subscriptions to order food daily. We excel in Indian cooking, and our dishes are affordable with no compromise on quality. Also, the Thalis are sufficient in quantity, though our guests have insatiable hunger feasting our exhilarating dishes!

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